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Dragonflies and Damselflies visible in summer in North America and Canada

British Dragonfly Society

Dragonfly Site - Tons of Pictures, Information, Gifts, More!

BBC Nature - Damselflies and dragonflies videos, news and facts

Dragonflies of Alaska

Odonata: Dragonflies and Damselflies

Fun Dragonflies Facts for Kids

Dragonflies of Northern Virginia

Dragonfly Ireland

Dragonfly-Days,for South Wales Dragonfly enthusiasts

Dragonflies | Storm Lake, IA - Official Website

Odes for Beginners

Prince William Conservation Alliance

Odonata (dragonflies, damselflies) - Identification and Ecology of ...

Websites about Dragonflies - UK Safari

Dragonflies and Damselflies - Utopia Nature


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