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Smoky Spreadwing.     Rookspanvlerkie.

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Short Description:

Smoky Spreadwing, Lestes virgatus, Genus Lestes, Family Lestidae, fairly large, slender, dull metallic green, striped, and with distinctly smoky wings. The only metallic green spread wing,

Key identification features:


  • Thorax slender, multi-coloured , metallic green, yellowish brown and dark brown with a buff stripe on the side of the thorax.
  • Eyes blue (diagnostic)A
  • Wings dark smoky wings. Short pterostigmas are distinctly swollen with a buff center and a dark rim.
  • Abdomen is above dark metallic green with partial yellowish rings on S 2-7. Only S 9 pruinescent. S 10 and superior appendages blackish Superior appendages has large coarse teeth along the inner edge. Inferior appendages are pyramid shaped.


  • Stouter than male, reddish and blackish brown, also with striped thorax; underside of thorax buff
  • Wings less smoky bthan male’s.
Compared with other species:
  • The only metallic green Lestes. It has smoky wings and blue eyes. The pterostigmas swollen and pale centred.
Distribution and habitat:
  • From S Cape eastwards through KZN to the northern parts of South Africa
  • This is a highly seasonal species. It has been recorded from pools and swamps edges mostly in the tall grass and sedge in forest or woodland.
  • Mainly a highland species.
  • Hangs with wings outstretched from grass stems. Lays egs in the stems of sedge grass.
Further reading:
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A Guide to Dragonflies and Damselflies of South Africa ... p. 26  
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Other Information:
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Dragonfly, Damselfly
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