101 049 Lestes pallidus Pallid Spreadwing Male Tshipise LP March 2014 101 048 Lestes pallidus Pallid Spreadwing Teneral Male Roodeplaat Dam Pretoria Gauteng April 2016 101 050 Lestes pallidus Pallid Spreadwing Male Tshipise LP February 2014

Pallid Spreadwing.    Bleekspanvlerkie.

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Short Description:

Pallid Spreadwing, Pallid SpreadwingGenus Lestes, Family Lestidae, small sized, inconspicuous, with a very pale striped thorax and light blue eyes.  

Key identification features:


  • Thorax ranges from sandy brown to greenish, blue to nearly black. Strongly, weakly of parsley striped, but never dark green.
  • Clear wings- become yellowish.
  • Pterostigmas mostly bicoloured – dark grey with light border, becoming blackish grey with age.
  • Upper appendages straight in lateral view and tips pointing towards each other.


  • Light brown with striped thorax
  • Pterostigmas outer half very pale
Compared with other species:
Distribution and habitat:
  • Common and widespread across the Northern parts of South Africa up to the Orange River and west and central KZN
  • Frequents grassy pans, ponds and rain-pools
  • Perches with wings outstretched within few centimetres of the water surfaces.
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